Ny Teamspeak server

As explained in the last International Meeting we have moved to a new teamspeak server. The old one will be turned into a single channel redirect to the new server. The main reason is that we have no control over the old one and cannot fix bugs or do something about hacking.

The new server is also more oriented on activism/chapters/teams and the channel layout represents this. All National chapters can request a channel if they actively use it. The channels will be passworded and it is up to the coordinators to share the password as they wish(most logically to chapter members only). This is in order to prevent trolling cases which required a moderator in the past. In their own channel, coordinators will have moderation abilities as well.

The new server can be found at:
Server: thezeitgeistmovement.com
Password: ts_129tzm

All teams that are active and in need of a channel will logically be assigned one.

Temporary and non related channels:
For all other channels, a temporary one can be made. These cannot be made permanent by normal server admins/moderators anymore. This feature was unfortunately abused in the past. If you do make a temporary channel make sure you do not keep this artificially up by leaving your account signed into teamspeak. This will not be allowed.

Channel requests and permissions:
Channels must be requested by the coordinator registered with the Chapters Administration. Moderation of the channel will be assigned to either the coordinator or an active chapter member appointed by the coordinator. These permissions will be limited.

We hope that this new server which is in our own control will be a more reliable tool. The new structure may help us in the focus and efficiency of the server.