From Peter Joseph

“Friends – a few personal updates:

1) Beyond the Pale:
After reviewing the framework script for “Beyond the Pale” and considering its potential and context, there is a good chance I will not be including this new film project as an extension of The Zeitgeist Film Series.

Why? Well, very simply, it doesn’t seem to artistically work in the context of another sequel and having gone back though the whole series edit recently, I think the end of Moving Forward was just powerful enough to stand as a closing gesture for change, coupled with a unique content symmetry that might be confused in form if extended yet again with another film.

If I do close The Zeitgeist Film Series as a “Trilogy”, it is purely cosmetic. 😉 I have a huge amount of expression and content to put out in the same overall gesture and my fourth film, regardless of its name, will likely be the start of new live action Series based on the same themes – but artistically very different.

2) Culture in Decline:
A new WebSeries is in the works, with some since outlines. For those who are not familiar, the concept is “George Carlin meets Carl Sagan”. 😉 It is called “Culture in Decline”. The website and everything is coming soon but if anyone wants to keep up with things via Facebook or Twitter, here it is:!/CultureInDeclin

I intend to have the first episode done by June/July. This will be a fun and challenge social project, with live interviews of the public and crafty vignettes.

3) Removal as Frontman for TZM
As stated in my prior radio address, I will never stop my work to help create change in this world and while my work with TZM will never stop in overall communication/admin/sponsorship help, the risks I have had to endure and continue to endure as being an inadvertent “frontman” has forced me to realize that it is extremely dangerous for me and my family to be given the highlight I have.

Not only does it create false “leadership” perspectives in TZM, it also reduces others interest to be proactive, get educated and educate others. Beyond that, I have a personal life to deal with. Today, I’m broke, tired & constantly harassed. One of the reasons I moved from NYC to LA is because a series of freak stalker types that kept showing up at my apartment and appearing around me in public spaces.

It is interesting how some seem to figure i’m some wealthy, Michael Moore type guy who has no outside obligations to be this epic “activist” and can afford bodyguards and the like…no. The fact is I have people dependent upon me in this monetary system and my financial and personal security has been in deep limbo and getting worse. Very simply, I can’t afford to be famous and personally cant stand the attention I get.

Again, I’m not leaving anything. I’m just simply going to stop talking and being interviewed over time as others step up. This is nothing new. Before TVP split I was publicly intending to leave as a frontman for the same concerns. Unfortunately, TVP tossed everything upside down and I have had to step up even more to secure the integrity of TZM. We are back on track now so I am now again inching into what is more appropriate and comfortable for me.

As with anything, it is important we all find our comfort zones and talent in our work to create a better world. Everyone’s choice of activism is specific to their interests/happiness and I have been out of my element for about 4 years now! 😉 Just a passive note for consideration. TZM is your movement so I suggest you start to own it.

More soon.”

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